Sonorities Festival Belfast


Call for submissions. Deadline 1 November 2017

Festival dates: 18 - 22 April 2018


We invite proposals for individual works (performances and installations) for inclusion in the 2018 edition of the festival. Proposals should either take the form of submissions of audio or audio-visual works, or of works for our featured performers at the festival: Rob Plane (clarinet) and Simon Limbrick (percussion). A small number of works involving either or both of these performers (with or without electronics) will be selected either for public workshop/recording during the festival, or included in the programme of concerts. Completeness and preparedness of the performance materials involved will be one of the criteria for selection. The performers will be involved in the selection process. Scores should be submitted in pdf format, with draft/mock-up recordings where possible.

Please note that the cost of attendance/performance at Sonorities must be covered by the participants themselves. The Sonorities Festival has no funding to cover fees for musicians (other than the performers featured above), travel, or accommodation. Letters of invitation can be supplied on request if participants wish to source their own funding.


All composition and installation submissions should be sent by WeTransfer (or similar) to in the form of a single compressed file (.zip, .rar or .tar ) of a folder containing the appropriately completed submission document, media files (standard sound, image or video formats) that clearly represent the piece being proposed, scores in pdf format where appropriate, and one or two high resolution image files of the artist(s) or an image related to the submitted work. The folder must have the name of the submitting artist. It should also include a completed submission form, downloadable from, within the folder.



This website will be updated regularly with additional details of the programme and featured performers.